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This is Samriddhi, an aspiring journalist. I try to voice my opinion and give vision to my ideas. I want to put out the news with facts and not opinions!

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COVID-19, An interaction with Amit Pandita

Amit Pandita is a chairman of Revell Orchid, Porwal Road, Lohogaon, Pune-411047. Pune insights had a conversation with her regarding her well being...


Pandemic 2020

House arrest for almost 3 months now! It seems to have a great impact on our minds and body. At the early stage...



Hang therapistsHang therapistsHang therapists This is what I have seen and by far can imagine happens/happening in India when people leave their home...



NOTE: It’s mandatory to correct me if you think I am wrong or you disagree with my thoughts. Media is the 4th pillar...


Justice Delayed = Justice Denied

2012: 24,9232013: 33,7072014: 36,7352015: 34,6512016: 38,9972017: 32,599 These numbers just define the rape crime that gets registered every year and comes to light....


Study reveals: Coronavirus can spread up to 20 feet away in the air, speed more than 100 m/s

New researches revealed that this novel coronavirus can up to 20 feet with droplets from coughing, sneezing or breathing. According to the researches,...


You got to be serious about this one!

The way Maharashtra is drowning in its own numbers; it’s pretty much difficult to imagine the state reviving anytime soon. Keep the country...


Top 5 headlines you all wouldn’t want to miss.

“Mood elevators needed to bring back the consumers“, says Rajiv Bajaj(the Auto managing director) India should think of some mid way to get...


COVID-19, An interaction with CA Gopal Jaju

While the lockdown is extending day by day and problems are increasing alongside too. We decided to Interview Mr.Gopal Jaju a well known...


The dirty blame game

Congress blaming BJP, BJP blaming SS, TMC counterattacks BJP, BJP blaming Congress, AAP supporting BJP. This is a never ending cycle but the...


Pune taking hands back due to Covid19 outbreak

The nationwide lockdown has put on hault in the lives of people. After the complete lockdown of around 40-50 days, Government of India...