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COVID-19, An interaction with Amit Pandita

Amit Pandita is a chairman of Revell Orchid, Porwal Road, Lohogaon, Pune-411047. Pune insights had a conversation with her regarding her well being of the society and how is she taking care of the society amid pandemic.

1. What all precautions your society has taken in order to fight against

>> We sanitized all our common areas of society on a daily basis. We have followed all the rules suggested by Govt.     We decreased the frequency of residents going outside society. We arranged almost all the vendors(vegetables, fruits, grocery, etc) inside our society so that people will get things at their doorstep and so that they can avoid going out.      Quarantine people travel from abroad or other districts. Medical cert. mandatory. Daily help has been stopped in our society since the beginning.

2. The government has made many norms for the society to follow, and the
president/secretary is responsible if someone doesn’t follow it. What is
your take on it?

>>We have tried our best to make the people who do not obey rules. when needed we have called authorities also and force them to visit our site so that people take the rules seriously. We make sure that people follow all sorts of regulations made by the government like follow social distancing, wear a mask whenever they go out. At last, we as a society try to maintain all the necessary arrangements but in the end, it depends on the society members to follow all the rules.


3. What are the steps taken by you to ensure that the basic necessities
reach a member of the society?

>> We have contacted vendors who used to come to our society to fulfill the daily needs of residents. After the outbreak of Covid-19 and the high risk of infection spread , we have tied our best and have contacted vendors who all can come and provide necessary items to the members.

4. What are the restrictions on the movement of the people within and
outside society?

>> Residents who stay here can go outside in a timeframe o 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. People who need to go to offices need to carry a letter with them. People coming from outside need to carry their latest fitness cert. with them always, without that they can’t enter our society. Service providers need to wear gloves and mask when they enter society.

5. What is the regular routine of sanitary check in the society?

>> We do it on a daily basis. As Maharashtra is worst affected also Pune is badly affected, we try to sanitize our society on a regular basis, like sanitizing the lifts,stairs, doors, floors etc. Society members are also asked to bring hand sanitizers whnever they step down from their house.

6. Since the govt has eased down the lockdown, what is your say in the
same? How will it affect the countrymen?

>> It is needed, so that people can get some source of income for their families but at the same time very risky. As the government said there should be a balance between economy and safety. As much as this is a matter of concern for the government, it should be same for the citizens as well.

Written by
Samriddhi Sakunia

This is Samriddhi, an aspiring journalist. I try to voice my opinion and give vision to my ideas. I want to put out the news with facts and not opinions!

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