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COVID-19, An interaction with CA Gopal Jaju

While the lockdown is extending day by day and problems are increasing alongside too. We decided to Interview Mr.Gopal Jaju a well known CA from Pune. He gave us all the information as to how CA community is getting affected due to Covid19. So, this is how it goes:

CA Gopal Jaju

1. What are the difficulties that the CA business has seen because of COVID 19?
Ans: Chartered accountants are doing the following services Auditing Accounting Tax Consultancy. For Tax consultancy, we can available online and offline without requiring a personal meeting. But of auditing and accounting work we should require data. Most of the times data are on hard copies. And data cant available in soft copies. Very few clients and handy with online data in soft copies, but maximum peoples are habitual of hard copies. In COVID 19 we have to aware clients to share the data maximum in soft copies. For sharing soft copies we require the educated staff as the data received are stored in properly folder of client data maintained at Server. High-quality Server and Internet not available. Our maximum works, server machines are at our office place and we cant visiting to our offices. Our maximum work from office so staff doesn’t have the internet facility at residence and high-quality computer systems. So our maximum works affected.

2. What are the core sectors in CA that have impacted?
Ans: Core sectors mean Accounting and Auditing these are two sectors maximum affected.

3. What is your point of view on the Government’s policies or stimulus?
Ans: Government trying to minimize the impact of COVID19, but in India due to less education, poor Infrastructure its impact for a long time. Mostly the Government policies are not understood normal policy, for better understanding we have to take help of Consultants and because of this so many mediators stand in between to utilization of Government policies at the root level to the normal public.

4. If you were to give one advice to the government in terms of GDP or policies or Stimulus, what would it be?
Ans: The government should announce the policies in a soft language that understands to the normal public. The government should take Practicing Chartered Accountants in their team who are working at the root level and a better understanding of the public issues.

5. What are the changes you all expecting in the business module after this lockdown?
Ans: We expecting peoples will learn the maximum habits of online services, the maximum business will be at the LOCAL level.

6. Modi govt talked about “loan in 59 minutes”. Would you like to explain it?
Ans: Its Government policy without study, Bank employee also don’t know the procedure, they also not taken into confidence before the announcement and if someone asks for that they refer consultants like us and we charge for the application to the loan process.

7. “Reforms in the registration process of MSMEs sectors”. What is the change in the process?
Ans: Government just changes definitions of MSME, and the registration process is only Udyog Adhar, MIDC registration, and their respective organization membership.


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