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NOTE: It’s mandatory to correct me if you think I am wrong or you disagree with my thoughts.

Media is the 4th pillar of democracy that comes with a lot of power and responsibilities and so is with the journalists.

Let’s continue from where I left. I feel when rape happens that is not the end. Rape comes up with a lot of sub-menu. Let me put that on your plate. So, today we have – how media helps any rape case to get the popularity in just a second. Does the media have power? NO! Media is power. You see it doesn’t even take merely 15 minutes for anything to go viral may it be on new channels or any on any social media platforms. Let me be particular with just journalists and their news channels(keeping aside the social media). Have you ever seen a pressure cooker, yeah our media is the same? They first exaggerate the rape case like 10 times and in a blink of an eye forgets like nothing ever happened.

GIVING A VERY BIG STATEMENT! And I guess you all will agree too.
For any journalist or their media houses ‘TRP’ has become the most important thing. See media can either break or make any story. Big cases like the 2012 Nirbhaya case, Unnao case, Hyd rape cases – they make such big chaos and fuss about it but do you ever realize these cases tend to fade away from the news headlines of these channels. Trust me out of 100 journalists not even 5-6 talk about the rape cases. And what to talk about the small cases!! Cases that don’t even get a fair chance to get registered, do you think they stand any chance to get any support from the media of the society? Ah! We ask a lot, right?

It’s actually shameful but accept it that things and cases need to be big enough to get attention. Making a business out of anything and everything has become the motto behind. And even after being huge and chaotic, it just stays till the time another big matter comes up. AND THIS GOES ON AND ON. But the media of India is immovable. A reality check – journalists are someone who opts for their career with a thought in their mind and passion in their heart to change the image of the world through their work. But the question remains, is that what remains with them till the last? Me being an aspiring one (journalist) asks myself every day will this remain with me till the end? And trust me I don’t know but I believe it should.

REMINDER TO THE MEDIA: This is not any sort of game where we play with one case and hype it up to any extent and when we get bored with the one we switch to any other news or any other case. Why any relevance is not left of any rape case till the last? The news of the rape should be in the news headlines to the point it doesn’t get justice in the courtroom( I feel). You don’t have to dance on political issues to get TRP. Do a real job what you are assigned for and not just pretend to do. Because when you are making a lot of fuss about any matter you tend to suppress the other worthy cases to come in light.

Written by
Samriddhi Sakunia

This is Samriddhi, an aspiring journalist. I try to voice my opinion and give vision to my ideas. I want to put out the news with facts and not opinions!

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