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The dirty blame game

Congress blaming BJP, BJP blaming SS, TMC counterattacks BJP, BJP blaming Congress, AAP supporting BJP. This is a never ending cycle but the question is, won’t it stop? Won’t it stop even at the time of a Pandemic?

Epidemic.Pandemic.World crashing down. Indian politicians playing dirty blame games cannot take a grip, not even at the time when the whole nation needs to be together not only to fight against a deadly and unseen virus but also to fight the challenges in the pharmacy sector, the issues with the migrant workers and many more. Announcing lockdown across the country was a very sudden decision that the centre took with of course 50% planning. But the most immediate and fastest way out which could be seen was this, which was placed in front of the nation.

22nd March was the Janta curfew that was the step we took towards this lockdown .0 versions and today here we are at Lockdown 4.0. One thing that hasn’t changed since the Janta curfew is the exchange of allegations between the politicians. All of them were baseless-not saying that but all of them were of some concern-cannot agree that too. One thing that was,is and will always be consistent is the interception caused by the opposition in the doings of the Centre.

No wonder India has loopholes, our system has loopholes but who created these? First comes the POLITICIANS, then the PEOPLE out there. Since the day India is in lockdown, I have just seen Rahul Gandhi blabbering to a level that it becomes so obvious to think that whatever the centre or any other party does, no matter what the Congress won’t support it. TMC government not cooperating enough with the centre and its officials. What is the matter here? I believe this is not an internal fight that we are fighting amongst ourselves. How do we talk about the migrant workers breaking the norms and flooding the areas when we see our politicians just bringing each other down by words. If there is so much of disagreement by the opposition regarding the functioning of the government then where is the initiative of opposition joining hands with the centre to bring a change in the plannings?

This is an appeal to all the politicians out there. You all have power and money both at the same time. Instead of just shouting and filling up your twitter page with tweets, please step out and help the people who you think are not getting enough necessities plus their rights are being violated. Because clearly nothing can console you. So, if you think the centre is not doing enough (which is fine for you to think) then please stop the talking and change your words into action. This is very disappointing to see that even at the time of pandemic, where people are losing their lives, hopes and everything- All that matters to you all is dirty politics and blame games that you all are playing.

Written by
Samriddhi Sakunia

This is Samriddhi, an aspiring journalist. I try to voice my opinion and give vision to my ideas. I want to put out the news with facts and not opinions!

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