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Best Churches in Pune Where Art, History and Tranquility Meet

Churches are not just about religion and faith; they are also about artistic beauty, history, and heritage. For some people, churches are places where they can take a walk through the realms of time and get a glimpse of ancient architecture and craftsmanship. For others, such houses of worship are serene spaces where they can discover peace and tranquility. And if you are in Pune, you can find a number of churches that tick all these boxes and perhaps, more. How about discovering more about these marvelous shrines that are odes to all things artistic, ancient, and tranquil? Let’s check out some of the must-visit churches in Pune.

1. Mary’s Church, Pune

A magnificent shrine from the British era, St. Mary’s Church is located in the Cantonment-Camp area of the city. It was built in the early 1820s by Lieutenant Nash, an engineer of the East India Company, and consecrated in 1825. St. Mary’s is not just the oldest church in Pune but in the whole Deccan region itself. As such, it is also known as the mother church of the Deccan. 

2. Xavier’s Church, Pune

With a history of more than 150 years, St. Xavier’s Church stands as one of the must-visit historical places in Pune. Among the Catholic churches in Pune, it is the first one to be run by Jesuit priests. Once you walk in through the lovely gates of this edifice, you won’t be able to ignore the enticing old-world charm that this place exudes. Its gloriously arched entrance, cobblestone exterior, high ceilings, colorfully stained glass windows, and walls ornamented with oil paintings showcasing the life of Christ, all come together to give the structure a unique look and feel. Visiting this church is a cultural experience in itself, something that you must not miss out on your visit to this city. As a place of worship, this church in Pune attracts people belonging to all communities due to its tranquil atmosphere and solemnity.

3. All Saints’ Church, Pune

When it comes to the tourist places to visit in Pune, you can’t possibly give a miss to the All Saint’s Church, a beautiful stone structure that traces its origins back to the 19th century. This serene house of worship stands surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery and boasts of Gothic architectural features.

4. Patrick’s Cathedral, Pune

One of the most celebrated Roman Catholic churches in Pune, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been adorning the landscape of the city and attracting visitors for more than 160 years. The origins of this place of worship date back to the mid-19th century; it was adopted as a cathedral in the year 1886 when Pune was made a diocese. It still remains the main church of Pune and boasts of the highest number of parishioners.