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A Celebration of Art and Inspiration: Exploring NMACC at Jio World Centre, Bandra

Guest Contributor:

Shrinidhi Joshi, Content Creator

Srinidhi Joshi


Immersing in the world of art is often a journey that begins with emotion, as the renowned painter Paul Cezanne aptly noted. Such sentiments resonate through time and are vividly embodied within the Grand NMACC, nestled within the opulent Jio World Centre in Bandra. Here, art is not just a creation; it’s a celebration of ideas and emotions, a tribute to artists and their audiences.

This article is for the people who love art and want to know what they should expect to see at NMACC.

There is an art hidden within you and I have been for as long as I remember, affectionate and connected with various arts such as Dance, Painting, and writing. I remember the day NMACC was inaugurated on the 31st of March 2023, and I was amazed by the visuals that were released all over Social Media and the friends who were visiting the grandeur Centre. What lured me more was watching the reels of the Great Indian Musical directed by Feroz Abbas Khan in the Grand Opera Theatre. I was Stunned. I had made up my mind to visit the place once and soon our college decided to take us on a field trip. The destination was obviously NMACC (there would have been no point in me telling you the experience otherwise)

NMACC Mumbai

At 7 a.m., on the 25th of May 2023, along with 20 other students and one Faculty member, we left Wakad. Our college is beside the Mumbai-Pune highway road so there were no hassles while leaving other than a mishap which is a story for the next time. It will take you around 3 and half hours to 4 hours to reach NMACC, Bandra depending on whether you are traveling by road or train. We were traveling by bus and it was my first time traveling with my college mates so it was fun.

We reached Mumbai pretty fast but what acted as a buzz killer was the Mumbai Traffic and at this point, it’s just part of the experience while traveling in Mumbai. My excited self was in the clouds with all the anticipation. The moment we entered Bandra East, we knew we entered a hip area because the buildings were majestic in a modern way, with big roads, fancy showrooms, and Famous centers such as SEBI, Deutsche Bank, Jio World Centre, and Foreign Embassy. I must have forgotten some because the place is way too modern and madly luxurious for my half-broke student eyes.


We reached NMACC at around 11 a.m. We had some registration issues but it was solved. And we finally entered the building. Hold your breaths guys because the NMACC is beautiful from beginning to end. Each and every corner every floor, every ceiling, every wall, every arrangement, and every display is Divine to simply explain it. Believe me! I am not even exaggerating. The work, dedication and unimaginable amount of money that would have been invested pays off really well. The moment you enter, you will get to see sculptures, paintings, carvings, tapestries, and beautiful craftsmanship.


We all booked a Rs 199 ticket in which you get to watch the Fashion Museum, and Art House and you also get to watch the several workshops of various arts of India in the Passageway. There are workshops on Handmade Saaris of different types, Tanjore Paintings, Jamdani weaving, Blue Pottery, Patola Weaves, Sunrise Candles by Bhavesh Bhatia, Sozni Art, Tholu Bommalata Art, and several others. There are certain parts of the building that are architectural masterpieces.


First, we visited the Fashion museum. In display are the Fashion pieces that influenced Fashionin Bollywood, in the Colonial era, and abroad. We all were divided and I tagged along with my friend Roocha. There is an entrance for each Hall and there is an audio guide available as well for an exclusive price. I can go on and on about each and everything that we saw here but that would be a very tediously long article. One thing to describe it best is Magical. Not just the dresses that are exhibited but the infrastructure around has to be a design marvel. There are 10 sections and each section is an exhibit of its own kind. Genius is the simplest attribute to put.


We took a fair amount of time in the Fashion Museum. So we had only 15 minutes in our hands to rummage in the Art House as everyone had finished their tour and were about to leave. And the art house was 4 storied.

Again, it will take a long time to describe the experience of that short look around. I could say the Art House speaks to the artist in you and is an extremely inspirational experience.



We were also able to see the building and other Structures from the Giant Windows that were in the Art House and I remember feeling surreal idk why.


Regrettably constrained by time, we had to bid farewell and return to Pune. My only regret—being unable to linger longer within the captivating realms of NMACC. A true celebration of art, artists, and audiences, NMACC is an enchanting destination that beckons to all, inspiring a deeper connection with the artist within. If you find yourself in Mumbai, do not let time bind you; instead, allow NMACC to stir the artist’s soul within you.


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