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Wellington College International Pune Commemorates a Unique Literary Week, ‘A Festival of Words’

Wellington College International Pune (WCIP), one of Pune’s most distinguished international schools, is organising a week-long celebration of literature from April 22nd to April 26th in honour of international ‘World Book Day.’ The festival, designed for both Junior and Senior school students, features renowned author, producer and filmmaker Dr. Manjiri Prabhu, along with internationally acclaimed award-winning author and poet Prof. Randhir Khare.

The festival began with a talk by Prof. Khare where he spoke about ‘Bringing words to life’. With a passion for storytelling and an unwavering belief in the power of words, Prof. Khare embarked on a journey to light the imagination of budding writers. The talk was followed by a creative writing workshop where Junior and Senior school students were encouraged to shed their inhibitions in order to embrace the realm of creativity. Through a series of innovative activities, Prof. Khare guided students to discover more about themselves, encouraging them to find their own voices and viewpoints.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Khare said, “The idea of a literary festival at a school like WCIP is wonderful, since children here are from different nationalities and it opens up their minds to a world of possibilities beyond nationhood. A festival like this encourages the realm of imagination, thoughts, ideas and cultures and in doing so, WCIP is providing invaluable service to education because Art changes lives.”

Throughout the week, students will delve into a diverse range of events including spelling bees, extemporaneous speaking, graphic story writing and a thrilling Wordle Wizard competition. Senior school students will also study the timeless works of William Shakespeare and explore the poetry of Robert Frost. Additionally, the school will host a scholastic book fair, inviting students of all ages to explore a variety of literary treasures and immerse themselves in a world of stories and imagination.

Dr. Manjiri Prabhu, who shared her thoughts with students on the importance of literature, said “Literary festivals like these are extremely essential for one’s personal, emotional and intellectual growth – a prerequisite to maintain peace in society. Literature nudges deep thoughts and triggers thinking that eventually helps one grow to become a better human being. It is important to immerse oneself in various genres to expand one’s literary horizons and gain inspiration from different voices”.

Speaking on the success of the festival, Dr Murray Tod, Founding Master of Wellington College International Pune, said “As educators, we sculpt minds and ignite imaginations. In organising this literary festival, we have not only further opened the door to the wider world of words, but also planted seeds of curiosity that will flourish in the hearts of our students, fostering a lifelong love for literature and learning.”

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