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Pune’s Ashish Kasodekar runs 60 marathons in 60 days to enter Guinness book of records

Ashish Kasodekar

Pune: Long-distance running and cycling enthusiast and travel entrepreneur from Pune Ashish Kasodekar has set a Guinness world record of most consecutive days to run full marathon· Kasodekar ran his 60th consecutive full marathon in as many days completing his feat on Wednesday to befittingly celebrate India’s 73rd Republic Day. He began his attempt on November 28, 2021, and scheduled it aptly to end on January 26, 2022.

Kasodekar’s name will be enlisted in the forthcoming Guinness book of records in the ultra-dynamo category (Most consecutive days to run a marathon distance male)

Kasodekar will replace Italy’s Enzo Capororaso in the listings. The Italian had set the record in 2019 when he ran daily full marathons from September 14 to November 11.

Kasodekar thanked everyone who ran alongside him saying their enthusiasm gave him the much-needed energy to go for the record.

“We all followed the covid protocol all through these 60 days. This was something very impressive and I am very much indebted to them. During these days the weather too was very inclement. It rained sometimes and days became colder and colder as we approached winter,” is how Kasodekar described his pursuit of attaining the record.

“Frequently changing weather also taught me how to make quick decisions in difficult situations, “he said.

Kasodekar’s feats so far

1.     Climbing Mount Everest in the first attempt, in 32, 5 hours.

2.     Became only second Indian to complete 117-km trail run in Brazil, in 44 hours.

3.     First and only Indian to complete la ultra-Marathon in Ladakh, 555-km in 126 hours18 minutes.

4.     Completed Khardungla challenge, 74-km in 23 hours 50 minutes.

5.     Walked nonstop Pune to Panchgani for 23 hours.

6.     Represented Pune university in basketball.