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Pune Bengaluru Highway : Shopkeepers allege that PMC demolished furniture shops near Baner even after taking property tax

A multitude of vehicles line the area outside the demolished furniture stores, with customers engaging in negotiations for discounted products.

Following the demolition of furniture stores along the Mumbai-Bangalore highway by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), certain store proprietors assert receiving advance eviction notices, while others allege being caught off guard without even being given time to vacate their establishments during the demolition drive.

Some shop owners are saying they got notices before the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) razed stores on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway. One shop owner, who had his store for three years, found out during morning tea when he heard noise from the neighboring store being demolished.

Another owner said two employees were inside during the demolition but got out through the restroom. PMC is supposed to put up notices before demolishing to make sure people are out safely.

One shop owner argued that they paid property taxes, but they just opened two months ago and didn’t know about demolition notices from the past year.

Yet another shop owner, operating for five years, said they got eviction notices in advance because they hadn’t paid property tax. They were told to leave for safety before the demolition.

Two workers from another store also claimed they got eviction notices beforehand.For the past four days, customers have been coming to buy discounted carpets and furniture from the temporary stores set up along the highway by the owners and staff trying to sell the remaining items.

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