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Fronius India Celebrates the Success of the FACT-Batch 4 Valedictory Programme


Fronius India, a subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its skilling project, FACT, batch 4. The programme aimed to recognise and reward participants for their hard work and accomplishments, particularly for selecting “welding” as a career.

The Batch 4 training programme, which began on September 25, 2023, was a 45-day of working days structured training programme that concluded on November 30, 2023.  The fourth batch of 24 students was dominated by females (16 in total), which was a noteworthy highlight. This programme is meant to provide individuals with the information and abilities required to excel in welding, thereby contributing to personal growth and professional development and allowing them to make their foray into the industry as proficient welder.

Key highlights of the programme:

Diverse Participation: The programme attracted students from all around India, demonstrating the inclusiveness and relevance of the effort.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Participants participated in a well-rounded curriculum that covered the fundamentals of welding in theory and practice, giving them a holistic understanding of manual welding jobs as well as the fundamentals of cyber security, balancing mental health at work, and soft skills.

Expert Guidance: Renowned industry experts served as mentors and instructors, ensuring that participants received high-quality instructions and insights.

Placement Assistance: Fronius India goes above and beyond by facilitating placement prospects for programme graduates. Several participants have already acquired promising employment in the welding sector, paving the way for their professional development.

100% Scholarship Programme: Fronius India fully supported the entire Programme by offering scholarship with100% fees waiver making it available to deserving students, which could be challenging and expensive to obtain such specialized training otherwise.

“We are overjoyed to announce the success of our Certificate Distribution Programme for FACT, Batch 4. Participants’ excitement and effort have been absolutely motivating throughout these 45 working days, and we are overwhelmed with the passion of these students towards learning. This programme is aligned with our commitment to encouraging education and professional development, and we are thrilled to see the positive impact on these exceptional individuals’ careers. “Everyone talks about the shortage of experienced welders, and the government is also working to address this gap, but it is a big challenge considering the quality and “skillset” required. Fronius India serves as a link between students and industry, which is an urgent necessity.” Mr. V.V. Kamath, Managing Director of Fronius India, stated in his deliberations as “Need of the Hour”.

Mr. Shrikrishna Karkare, Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director, M/s Enpro Industries Private Limited, and Mrs. Alka Karkare, Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director, M/s Enpro Industries Private Limited, were impressed with the students’ progress after viewing the welding gallery and artworks created by our students. Mr. and Mrs. Karkare expressed their appreciation for this initiative mentioned that females should not seek for a separate privilege compared to males as there should be a gender equality in all fields of work and bestowed blessing on all the students.

Our keynote speaker and supporter, Ms. Priyanka Shakyavanshi, Regional Human Resources Director, India, M/s. Gestamp Pune Automotive Pvt. Ltd., expressed her best wishes to the selected students for Gestamp Pune as welders and expressed her eagerness to welcome the placed students on December 10, 2023, at the Gestamp facility to take the first big step in their professional career. She was also the chief guest for the batch’s inauguration and was constantly following the students’ development. Her enthusiasm for gender equality boosted our confidence in promoting this initiative to women in India.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Ishwari Latey, Programme Assistant, Energy & Environment, The Institute for Sustainable Communities, for her lecture and advice on workplace behaviour. This workshop was held for this female-dominated batch to assist them in working with people of diverse genders in the profession. Gender equality is critical in the manufacturing industry, which is still dominated by men, but things will gradually change for the sake of society. As a result, we must begin educating women about workplace equality.

We are delighted to have our chief guests and keynote speakers deliver motivational and supportive speeches for our students.

Fronius India once again extends heartfelt congratulations to all the participants on their accomplishments and thanks the mentors, teachers, and employees that contributed to the program’s success. This program would not have been complete without the participation of our customers from various industries and media guests. Thank you once more for your enthusiastic support for Fronius India’s skillful effort.

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