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You got to be serious about this one!

The way Maharashtra is drowning in its own numbers; it’s pretty much difficult to imagine the state reviving anytime soon. Keep the country aside – I believe more than the central government it’s more of a duty of the state government how it executes the entire plan so as to save their respective states from this menace. As the days are passing, Maha is only seen to loose its grip and people getting succumbed to this deadly virus. In spite of CISF and CRPF personnel deployed at different areas in Mumbai, Mumbai is not ready to slow down its pace.

This is for all the people who say “Maharashtra is witnessing so many cases because the testing rate is much higher” – I pity you but it’s the expert’s opinion that at this stage no matter how much you increase the rate of testing that won’t help because those infected people have already mixed up with the healthy population. Increasing the rate of testing is good but it would have been more effective at the early stages of the pandemic when the control would have been feasible. FACT CHECK: On May 19, according to Maharashtra Medical Education and Drugs Department data, the testing rate had risen to 2409 per million. Tamil Nadu is testing at 4463 per million, according to the state’s health department. Tamil Nadu has crossed 16000 marks while Maha has crossed 50,000 mark. CONCLUSION: Maha and Mumbai in specific witnessing so many cases not solely because of the rapid increase in the testing rate but people violating the norms.

Maharashtra has said to bring the entire state into a green zone but not much of Maharashtra’s wishes have come true. Now, with the front liners and the government people need to take a step back and stay at home!