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‘Lavasa’ is a private and planned city located in the Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra of West India. It’s an independent India’s first planned hill city in the Sahyadri region. It is located behind the Dam of Varasgaon near Pune which is also called Baji Pasalkar Dam. It is popular for mountains and valleys and people find opportunities for adventurous activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and trekking.

Lavasa is attracting hundreds of visitors from across the countries every year. The city’s landscape is essentially inspired by the Italian town Portofino with colorful houses and a lakeside paved public walk, therefore, the city provides you with a unique experience.
Lavasa is just about 65 Kms (a hrs drive) from Pune and about 200 km (3.5 hrs) from Mumbai. This City covers 25000 acres with 60 Kms lakefront. It’s spread amidst 100 sq. Km which is almost 1/4th the size of Mumbai. Over 25,000 lakeside apartments and valleys with over 50,000 employment opportunities are available at Lavasa city. The city also presents some wonderful housing options for permanent residence.

There are some best places to visit in Lavasa like the Promenade, Tikana Fort, Varasgaon Dam, Lakeside Watersport, Lake and Ghangad fort. And the best time to visit these places is during September-March. During monsoon, rainfall makes the atmosphere extremely pleasant time to visit Lavasa. Nearby places like Lonavala, Khandala, Kolad, Raigad, and Matheran are some very good places to explore.

Lavasa is an ideal journey for bikers with Excellent conditions of roads. The best way to explore Lavasa city is by bike riding. The roads running from Mutha Ghat to the Temghare-Lavasa Ghat are quite good for bikers who love bike riding.
Due to comfortable weather in Lavasa throughout the year, it is worth visiting the Lavasa city. You can explore this planned city with breathtaking views anytime.

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