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Finolex Group is a private sector conglomerate, founded in 1958 by P.P. Chhabria and K.P. Chhabria. Its main subsidiary is Finolex Cables Ltd, which manufactures electronic and telecommunication cables. 

Finolex brand initially came by joining the words “Fine” and “Flexible” with an “O”, which is an electric arc, signifying the electrical cable business the company was in. The company has it’s headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. Working with utter discipline and determination, the company has won laurels in its field.  

The company started up as a small industrial unit, but its relentless search for growth enabled it to become the most diversified cable manufacturer in India. 

The company provides a wide range of electrical accessories. Initially, they focused on cables, such as: – 

  • PVC insulated electrical cables
  • PVC winding wires
  • Co-axial cables
  • Electrical switches
  • Switchboard cables
  • Multi-core flexible cables
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The cables are used in commercial buildings, private buildings, and multi storey buildings for electrification. Co-axial cables are used in transmission signals. Shielded cables are used in industrial for signalling process. CCTV cables are used in CCTV cameras to monitor audio and video image signals.

Now, the leading manufacturer has smoothly transitioned to become a producer of the whole gamut of electrical products including MCB’s, lighting products, and fans. Thus proving that the company is constantly thinking of something innovative and new. Even though the company has already had success, it is looking to improve itself in every way possible. 

The key strengths of the company include good brand recognition and healthy growth prospects. And this is where we understand all the hard work put in by the members and workers of the company. They made the company, a brand, which is recognized globally.  

Major weaknesses include the vulnerability of the company’s margins to fluctuations in copper price and exposure to intense competition from the unorganized sector. 

One of the toughest competitors for the company is Havells Association. In general, the company is performing better than its peer companies. Nevertheless, the company is determined to maintain the highest standards of quality and services. The company even keeps itself updated with the latest technologies.

Over the years, the company has established its reputation as an innovative leader and quality manufacturer. Today, the company is enjoying its success because of the quality of their work. They have won the confidence of their customers by providing the best quality and trustworthy products. 

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