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Ferrero India Pvt Ltd

Ferrero India is a non-governmental company which manufactures branded chocolates and confectionery products. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers in the candy industry. The company is a part of the Ferrero Group which has a turn over of 8 billion euros. Ferrero India is the third-largest after Italy and Germany within the group.

The company has it’s corporate office in Pune and 4 regional offices in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. The company has a nationwide robust distribution network.

Ferrero didn’t take much time to establish itself in India because of it’s rich and fascinating products. These Indo-Italian chocolates and candies won our hearts in no time.

Main Products

Image Source: iitaly.org
  • Ferrero Rocher, which is considered to be the most divine chocolate one would taste in their life. The multiple contrasting layers of the chocolate, offer the most alluring experience to our taste buds.
  • Kinder Joy, which was strategically designed to attract the kids. The company was inspired by the idea of Easter surprise and decided to hide a toy surprise in their chocolates. The trick worked out for them beautifully and is unconditionally loved by the kids and their parents.
  • Nutella, a Choco-spread dropped from heaven. The thickness and consistency of the spread left everyone in awe of the product. It is clearly the most delightful mixture of roasted hazelnuts and skims milk with a tint of cocoa powder. The product soon turned out to be the highest grocer in the food market.
  • Tic Tac, a mouth freshener with a basket of flavors. The product can be classified either in the category of candy or a mouth freshener. The product provides a number of flavors to its consumers. It almost is the home of refreshment.

Where to buy Ferrero Products

  • The products are available at many online stores like Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, etc.
  • These products are also available at D-mart, Big Bazaar, More, Supermarkets, etc.


  • One of their biggest accomplishments is the huge number of consumers they have gained. And they can measure their success with the satisfaction they get from their consumers.
  • The rising popularity and the consumption of Ferrero products helped Ferrero to overtake Nestle in Indian chocolate revenues.

Stating the stats of 2020, every industry is facing loss; including Ferrero India. But due to this, we can’t ignore all its accomplishments. The growth of the company towards glorifying its products is impeccable. It won’t be wrong to say, in a short span of time the company established itself as a strong player in the premium category of chocolate manufacturers in India

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