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All about House of Paratha

The House of Paratha is a very popular restaurant in the Pune city known for its famous and delicious north Indian and Chinese food. The house of Paratha is famous for its wide range and variety of parathas which are available at a very genuine rate.

The house of paratha is located in the heart of the Pune city in Jangali Maharaj road Shivaji Nagar. It is a few kilometers distance from the Shivajinagar railway station. For more information and queries you can visit them at Cat No. 1206, B-19, J.m. Road, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005. You can also order online and on Phone: +91 80876 66750 | +91 77759 77757. The restaurant is situated on the side of the main road and has ample space to dine in. You can also order online by logging on to the website. They have got the outdoor as well as indoor table facility with good sitting arrangements. The restaurant remains open every day from 11 am to 11:30 pm. The restaurant staff is very good and is well trained for their job. The ambiance of the place is quite ok and seems to have a good interior and lively atmosphere.

Now talking about the food, this place is a fully vegetarian one and is famous for its Bahubali thali that is the most expensive yet satisfying thali you would ever have in this place. This thali comprises of many food items and can’t be finished by a single person alone. The Bahubali thali will cost you 1500 bucks. The thali consists of different types of paranthas, vegetables, rice, sweets, biryani and much more. The restaurant also claims that if one can eat this whole thali alone then he would get free lifetime food from the restaurant. It also includes 20 To 22 Inches Paratha With A Variety Of Veggies And Sides (20 To 22 Inches Paratha / 7 To 8 Vegetables / 3 To 4 Types Of Laccha Paratha / 2 Types Of Rice One Is Katappa Biryani / 2 Types Of Desserts / 1 Chur Chur Naan / And Lassi Chaas / 1 Dahi Puchka ) ( For Five To Six Person Eat ) a whole lot of things to crave for.

 The menu also consists of various numbers of paranthas and is up to the mark and is a value for money deal. They also have many other types of thalis which vary from size to size and price to price. They also have a wide variety of Chinese food and other street style chats and food items. This place is overall a great place for food lovers and one should give it a try at least once if visited Pune.  

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