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Venky’s XPRS: Famous Poultry Products Brand

Venky’s a famous brand that we all know for the poultry products and related items were started in Pune by Late Padmashree Dr. B.V.Rao in the year 1971 with the guidance and help of his wife Late Late Smt. Uttaradevi Rao. Dr. B.V. Rao was known as the father of the Indian poultry industry due to his efforts in making poultry a successful business in India. Today Venky’s is not only famous in India but all over the world for its poultry services and researches.

What do they make?

Venky’s is an Indian brand that breeds chicken and SPG eggs and sells them to vendors for domestic consumption. The brand is doing well in the poultry business and also makes a good profit over it. After starting the poultry services they also jumped into the poultry feeds, vaccines and genetic research in the same field. They also produce feeds and related items for the chickens which are necessary for breeding them. They produce vaccines and diagnose the chickens for any type and kind of illness and disease in them. They have a team of researchers who work in this biological field to prevent any illness that can spread by the means of chicken and ensure that the chicken they are breeding is fine to consume. By these biological measures, they also ensure the health and quality of chickens and eggs and other poultry items. They also have expertise in making sports nutritional products and other vegetarian health products such as soya bean extracts and much more. They are also known for their ready to eat food that is available on all the stores. The ready to eat food includes Combo meals, Burgers, Wraps, Nuggets, Grills, French Fries, etc. You can browse through all the products of Venky’s by visiting their official website.

How to contact

Venky’s have a total of 14 XPRS stores in Pune. You can log on to Venky’s website for information on all the 14 available stores. The headquarters of this company is in Pune Maharashtra and has multiple addresses where you can meet their officials to discuss any brand-related queries and for the franchise. They have collaborations with many other companies and brands to make their presence known in the national and international markets.

You can contact them at Venkateshwara House, S.No. 114/A/2 Pune-Sinhagad Road, Vitthlwadi, Maharashtra Pune – 411 030. Tel.No. +91-20-24251530

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