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Top 5 Heritage Sites in Pune

shaniwar wada

From compelling forts and palaces to artfully-carved rock-cut temples, there are various heritage sites to visit in Pune for heritage savers. Pune, the former capital of the Peshwas, has also been one of the most significant cultural centres in Maharashtra. With their impressive architecture, these places will take you back to another era and will leave you amazed with their delicate detailing and striking scale. Here’s your guide to Pune’s most magnificent heritage sites.

Aga Khan Palace

One of the most vital landmarks of the Indian freedom movement, Aga Khan Palace in Pune is a grand mansion built in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan III. A must-visit for history buffs. Spread over a huge land of 19 acres, the palace is now the headquarters of the Gandhi National memorial society. Here, making khadi is still one of the main activities.

Rajgad Fort

If you can bear a spirited trek in the Sahaydris, then a trip to Rajgad Fort is a considerable way of integrating heritage and adventure. Located 12 km south-west of Pune, the fort can be reached through a series of steps.

Shaniwar Wada

Take a walk through the tragedies of the Maratha Empire and the memorable tales of Peshwa rulers at Shaniwar Wada, located on Bajirao Road in Pune. Edged by five giant entrance gates, Shaniwar Wada was previously a stately mansion. Today it gives a chance to peek into its considerable past. This ancient place in Pune never goes wrong to amaze the visitor with its various forts and fountains, and the great statue of Baji Rao I that greets the visitor at the entrance of the palace.

Pataleshwar Temple

One of the earliest monuments in Pune, Pataleshwar Temple is a delicate and detailed rock-cut cave temple located in Shivaji Nagar. Carved of basalt rock, the temple premises comprise a magnificent porch with massive square pillars.

Lal Mahal

Located near Shaniwar Wada in Pune, Lal Mahal is a notable landmark of the 16th century. Subject to innumerable attacks and early revival, the palace has substantial stories to tell. It was first renovated by Shivaji’s father Shahaji Bhosle for his family to stay in the 1630s. From being a childhood home for Shivaji to taking Shaista Khan head-on, this red-coloured structure is an architectural marvel portraying the craftsmanship and culture of that time.

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