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Sassoon General Hospital will soon commission an oxygen generating plant

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One of Maharashtra’s largest state-run hospitals in Pune, B. J. Medical College, The Sassoon General Hospital, has decided to commission their own oxygen generating plant due to recent oxygen shortages. The Administrator of Sassoon General Hospital, S Chockalingam, stated that the Pressure Swing Absorption Method (PSA) would be used to generate oxygen at the proposed plant. 

The plant is to be commissioned soon. It will generate 2,000 litres of oxygen every one minute, allowing 200 Covid-19 patients to be on the oxygen support. Presently, the hospital has two liquid oxygen tanks with capacities of 13 kilolitres and 15 kilolitres each.

Due to an influx of positive Covid-19 cases, oxygen supply has been inconsistent across various hospitals, and many large hospitals were forced to make prudent use of their available finite stock. 

The level of oxygen saturation in the blood dropping below 94 is considered a concerning situation for Covid-19 patients. When oxygen falls below a particular level, one experiences shortness of breath which then progresses into an acute condition, requiring oxygen therapy. Breaks in the oxygen supply can turn fatal. Because of this, some healthcare facilities have stopped admission beyond their capacity. Critical cases are being referred to larger hospitals. Undoubtedly, the availability of oxygen has begun posing to be a problem. Various smaller hospitals have stopped treating acute Covid-19 patients altogether. 

A few hours ago, the Government of India advised Proning at home for self-care of Covid-19 patients experiencing breathing discomfort. Proning involves being in a physical position that allows better oxygenation and is medically proven to be effective in a situation of respiratory distress. The Health Ministry of India released a document stating the proper guidelines for the process. 

Maharashtra reported 67,013 new cases on Thursday, taking its total cases up to 4 million.  

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