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Sahyadri Hospital, Pune

Sahyadri Hospital

Sahyadri hospital is one of the best and renowned hospitals in Pune. The Sahyadri group has a total of eight hospitals throughout the state, Maharashtra. The brainchild the development of these eight different hospitals is Dr Charudutt Apte. Dr Charudutt Apte is one of the best and the most well-known neurosurgeons of India. Additionally, he is also known for a faithful practitioner of ethical medical practices.

Establishment of Sahyadri Group Hospitals

Sahyadri Hospital

As mentioned above, there a total of eight Sahyadri Hospitals. The hospitals are located in the three main cities of Maharashtra, namely, Pune, Nashik, and Karad. In the year 1994, the first Sahyadri Hospital was developed in Pune, named, “Pune Institute of Neurology”. At that time, this hospital was the only source of therapy for neurology and neurosurgery in Maharashtra. In the year 2000, the Sahyadri Group established a laboratory, named, “Sahyadri Laboratory and Haematology Centre”. Later, In the year 2004, they developed the hospital, named, “Sahyadri Specialty Hospital”. This hospital is located in Deccan Gymkhana of Pune.

Further, in the year 2006, Sahyadri Group organized its fourth hospital in Kothrud, Pune. The institute is titled as “Sahyadri Hospital, Kothrud, Pune”. In the year 2009, they developed two hospitals, one in Pune and the other in Karad. “Sahyadri Hospital” in Bibwewadi of Pune and “Sahyadri Speciality Hospital” in Karad. After four years, in the year 2013, Sahyadri Group developed two healthcare institutions. The first is “Surya Sahyadri Hospital” in Kasba Peth of Pune. The second is “Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital” on Nagar Road in Pune.

Again, in the following year, Sahyadri Group established its center in Nashik. The center is titled as “Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Nashik”. The Sahyadri Group built its recent health care center in Hadapsar of Pune. The name of the center is “Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital”. However, in eight hospitals, there are a total of 900 beds, 200, ICU beds, 2000 clinicians, and 2600 supporting staff. Since the Sahyadri Group has been established, it has saved the lives of more than 50 lakh people ensuring the best quality treatment. The locations of all the hospitals are easily reachable by the people.

What specialties are included in the Sahyadri Hospitals?


The Department of Anaesthesia is very organized. All the operation theatres are well established with the modern machines and equipment required for the treatment.


The Sahyadri Group provides the services for the treatment of Andrology. All the modern and enhanced services required for the Andrology are offered by this group.

Behavioral Science and Mental Health:

The group of Behavioral Science and Mental Health department is very professional and provides the best treatment for the people who are mentally disabled.


The Department of Cardiology stands at position 2 throughout the Pune. In the year 2005, Sahyadri Group established its Cardiology Department.

Critical Care Medicinal Unit:

This unit of Sahyadri group offers services like Neuro and Trauma ICU, ICU, CCU, HDU, Cardiac HDU, Isolation rooms, and Hemodialysis.

Dental Care:

The Sahyadri group also offers the treatment for dental problems. They provide painless and easy treatment.


The treatment for Endrocrinology is provided by this group. There is a group of specialized doctors to treat this disorder.

Gastro Surgery:

Gastro Surgery, also known as Digestive System surgery, service is offered by this group. It includes Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery and Lower Gastro-Intestinal Surgery.

Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant:

This department incorporates fully developed equipments and machines useful to diagnose the people for bone marrow transplant and Hematology.


This department is a special and highly multicultural department, which comprises of a number of neurosurgeon specialists. Neurology department privy a wide range of services like Stroke, Headache, Movement disorder, Cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, the Sahyadri group provides various distinct services. They are Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cholesterol Clinic, Diabetic Foot Care and Podiascan, Nutrition and Dietetics, Obesity Surgery, Organ Transplant, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Urology, Endovascular surgery, and many more.

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Phone Number: 020 6721 5000 / 88 06 25 25 25

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