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Quaker India promotes healthy breakfast, launches, ‘DO IT YOURSELF BREKKIES’

To indulge in the goodness of oats, Quaker India, one of India’s leading brands in the oats segment, has launched Do It Yourself (DIY) Brekkies, a special video series on YouTube to promote everyday healthy breakfast eating. The snackable video series (60-90 seconds) on YouTube, offers variety of recipes to add an ‘oat-a-licous’ twist to everyday breakfast dishes and will continue to populate with more recipes in coming time. To further showcase the deliciousness and versatility of oats, Quaker has released a special Cookbook with 30 sweet and savoury oats recipes.

Packed with 2X protein, fiber and micronutrients, Quaker Oats serves as the perfect way to start your day, giving you the nutritious energy to keep you going.

Talking about the launch, Mr. Dilen Gandhi, Sr. Director and Category Head – Foods, PepsiCo India, said, “In recent months, the consumer demand for healthy foods has increased, which has heightened consumer adoption of Quaker Oats in one’s daily routine. Breakfast is an important part of maintaining routine and we are thrilled to launch DIY Brekkies that provides a wide array of tasty breakfast recipes for our audiences. Keeping this in mind, along with the fact that our existing audience is continuously looking for ways to incorporate this versatile food grain in their meals, we have also launched the Quaker Cookbook that provides easy-to-make and healthy Quaker Oats recipes. With this, we will continue to develop familiar and delicious ways to consume this healthy grain.”

Commenting on the rise of food-related content on YouTube, Kaushik Dasgupta, Group Head, Insights & Partnerships, Google India said,“Food is an evergreen content category on YouTube. But with activity and entertainment getting constrained this year, India is tuning into YouTube for a change of taste, with people watching videos related to recipes and cooking at a rate over 45% higher than compared to last year. We have also seen a surge in video views of content with ‘restaurant style’ in the title, and how to cook meals with limited supplies. These are Indian jugaad recipes of inventiveness, creativity and ingredient substitutes.”

Expressing her delight on the launch, Ritu Nakra, WPP India Lead – PepsiCo Foods, said, “In today’s world where health and immunity are top of mind, our consumers are looking for ways to make their oats dishes in a variety of ways. Also, our audience often perceives Oats as a sweet dish. To fight this sweet myth and to illustrate the versatility of Quaker Oats as a savoury dish, we are delighted to launch DIY Brekkies and the Quaker Cookbook. This initiative will bring to the table multiple breakfast recipes that are delicious and easy to make and share exciting new ways to have this  nutritious grain.”

Each Quaker recipe showcases the versatility of Quaker Oats and how they can add that punch of nutrition and flavour to our regular breakfast as well as other meals. Check out some of these ‘oat-a-licious’ recipes on DIY Brekkies or download the complete Cookbook and find the perfect inspiration to start every day the oats way!

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