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Pune’s Akshat crowned Junior National Champion

Pune’s Akshat crowned Junior National Champion

Pune: Akshat Hupale is all of 12 years, a 7th standard student of PICT Model school, Balewadi, has become Junior National Supercross champion thanks to the initiative of National Motorsports Governing body, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India(FMSCI).

A few years ago the FMSCI  introduced Class 8 junior SX2 to give chance to riders aged between 8 and 12  years to compete at the national level on the courses, where top class riders also competed. This was a step to blood the youngsters and take a step towards preparing future riders for the international competitions.

The 2022 season comprised six rounds—Nashik, Pune, Coimbatore,  Vadodara, Goa, Bangalore. Akshat, who practices at his private facility in Wai in Satara on weekends with Russian trainers —— Georgy Gusev and, Vitaly Gusev and Dustin Phares from the United States  and India’s Dakar rally  participant Ashish Raorane, aims to ride at Asian and international level in the coming years. Akshat’s total points at the end of six rounds were 225 and his championship winning lead over C. Bhairav was 42 points, which was maximum across all the eight classes.

Speaking about his experience during the season Akshat said, Goa Round was most challenging as  he was battling with Viral Fever and nursing bad throat.

“Having the championship lead was  my mantra,” said Hupale.

“Going into last round  and virtually sealing championship was great feeling. I just wanted to Win the championship and then consolidate the lead over the nearest competitor. Happy to have done it in style and sign off under 12category with Victory. Consistency was key as I am the only rider across

categories in 2022 to have won all six rounds with highest points,” is how the Champion narrated his 2022 season.

Incidentally, after the final round , which completed in bangalore on Sunday last, Thursday was an apt occasion here in Pune when Akshat was felicitated in presence of the top officials of the FMSCI, for his crowning glory. The occasion was  the announcement of the first ever franchise-based Supercross league in India.

Overall standings (after 6 rounds, top 3 ):

Class 1:

1. Rugved Barguje (TVS RTR300 FX, team TVS Petronas) 212 points

2. C. D. Jinan (TVS RTR300 FX, team TVS Petronas) 199 pts

3. V. Prajwal(TVS RTR 300 FX, team TVS Petronas) 171 pts

Class 2:

  1. Jinendra Sangave(Kawasaki KX 250F,Ichalkaranji) 182 points
  2. Shlok Ghorpade (KTM 150 SX, Satara) 154 pts
  3. K. Manikandan (Kawasaki KX 250F, Coimbatore)142 pts

Class 3:

  1. Jyrwa Banteilang(TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 107 points
  2. D. Sachin(TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 94 pts
  3. T. Arun (TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 90 pts.

Class 5:

  1. Imran Pasha(TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 92 points
  2.  D. Sachin (TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 90 pts
  3. R. Natraj(TVS RTR 200, team Petronas TVS) 81 pts

Class 6:

  1. T. Arun (Hero Impulse, Hassan) 117 points
  2. Karankumar(Hero Impulse, Bangalore) 75 pts
  3. P. Yogesh(Hero Impulse, Coimbatore) 54 pts

Class 7:

  1. Sholk Ghorpade(Ghorpade (KTM 150 SX, Satara) 223 points
  2. Jinendra Sangave(Kawasaki KX 250F,Ichalkaranji) 194 pts
  3. Anastya Pol(Kawasaki KX100, Bangalore) 152 pts

Class 8:

  1. Akshat Hupale(KTM SX85, Pune) 225 points
  2. C. Bhairav(KTM SX 65, Bangalore) 183 pts
  3. J. Sujan ((KTM SX85, Coimbatore) 157 pts
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