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Pune: 18+ vaccination drive gains traction in private hospitals

18+ vaccinations

Scores of people were vaccinated four days after private hospitals in Pune began immunisation for the 18-45 age bracket. Slots were reserved until Friday in most hospitals. Long lines were seen at various hospitals, with youngsters waiting their turn for hours. Atleast 18 health facilities in the city have begun vaccination, the most recent being Deenanath hospital, which is immunising people aged 18 to 45 at Balshikshan school in Mayur colony. Around 10,000 patients have been vaccinated at private hospitals in Pune, according to a medical superintendent at Ruby Hall Clinic.

Out of town beneficiaries

Surprisingly, some local youngsters said that only a few hospitals were visited by children from nearby villages or other towns seeking vaccinations. Furthermore, officials underlined that there are no restrictions preventing persons from one area of the district from receiving vaccine doses in other areas of the district. This picture contrasted with one earlier this month, when many people from rural regions complained that city dwellers were taking their vaccinations.

The doctors do not learn the address of the beneficiaries who come to them, stated a hospital official. He further added that anyone in Loni, or a nearby region, can reserve a spot for individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 45. Reiterating that the address is not a criterion to be met.

Troubles with registration

Many reported they couldn’t get an appointment at a private hospital because they couldn’t register online, despite trying for weeks. There are further pleas for allowing offline registration facility for the age category of 18 to 45, available at the hospital. Had the 18-45 age group had been allowed on-site registration, some claim that the number of beneficiaries receiving vaccines at private hospitals would have doubled.

On Monday, the Central Health Ministry permitted on-site registration for the 18-45 age range at all government vaccination centres via the Co-WIN platform. This was in addition to the availability of online appointments for this demographic. Private clinics, on the other hand, will be required to advertise only their immunisation schedules with openings for online appointments.

Meanwhile, Ruby Hall Clinic, Noble Hospital, and Sahyadri Hospitals were set to begin on-campus vaccinations on Monday. However, due to a technical fault in the site, on-campus vaccination for corporate personnel could not begin on Friday, according to hospital officials.

“A vaccination dry run was held today in the Magarpatta City destination centre, but it was cancelled due to technical complications. “We will begin vaccinations for business firms and residents of the vicinity as early as tomorrow,” an official of Noble Hospital stated.

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