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Interesting Things to do near Pune Airport: Do More than Wait

Wondering about the things to do near Pune Airport while you wait for your flight? We’re here to tell you how to do more than just waiting.

Pune is one of the fastest growing business hubs in India and you could be here for work, to visit college campuses or to meet friends and family. Whatever your reason for visiting this charming city, you’re likely to eventually find yourself at the Pune Airport.

Now, let’s come on our main topic, things to do at and near Pune Lohegaon Airport to make your long layovers less boring. Apart from gorging on delicious dosas and idlies at one of the oldest food outlets here and relaxing at the on-site spa to reading your favorite book at the lounge area and indulging in some not-so-required shopping at curio shops, there’s more to do in close proximity to the airport. Read ahead to know what all you can do near Pune Airport to pass on that long layover time like a pro:

Things to do near Pune Airport

1. Solve A Mystery

Love solving puzzles, uncorking riddles, team work and a rush of adrenalin? Then Mystery Rooms, a thrilling real-life escape experience, is just the thing for you. Located in Koregaon Park, Mystery Rooms offers you 60 minutes ‘games’ where you have to race against the clock, solve puzzles, locate hints and use logic along with your team to get out of the room. Great option if you’re traveling with family or friends. PS: not for kids under 10…bummer!

2. Get A SCUBA certification

You did not read that wrong. Unleash that urban explorer in you and dive into Absolute Scuba, a training center in the middle of land-locked Pune. You get theoretical training, a confined water training in a pool (safer without all the sharks!) and open water training at a later date. The course is flexi to the max and you can set your own pace. Works well if you’re a frequent visitor to Pune.

3. Go To The Malls

One of Pune’s best malls – Phoenix Market City is situated less than 5 km from the airport. Make the most of this happy event and shop till you drop, get a bite, a few drinks and be on your way home all grinning!

4. Catch A Movie

At the Cinemax Multiplex. What better way to kill time than to escape to dream world? Located in Inorbit Mall, the multiplex boasts of several screens and convenient show times.

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