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For the love of Mommy Blogging

Anusha Suresh

Working full time, taking care of a kid, managing household chores and then finding time to create content for your blog has been a big challenge for many mommy bloggers and other bloggers in general.

In the recent years “mommy blogging” has witnessed a rise as more moms and soon to be moms are looking for a platform to connect and interact with each other. Be it parenting styles, food, decor, travel, this breed of bloggers create many categories of content.

Puneinsight caught up with Dr Anusha Suresh who threw light on following her passion of blogging, inspite of being a dentist and working full time.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her blog and social media handle @mommyonhertoes, Dr Anusha says “After the birth of my daughter, I suffered from post partum depression. I needed to channelise my energy into something that would bring happiness. Writing has always been something I loved, so I decided to start blogging about my motherhood journey and the fun things one can do even if she’s a mom. And it has really helped me be a better version of myself.”

“The journey is only getting better. Initially, it was only about me but after getting connected with so many people, my topics vary from motherhood, parenting to food and style…things which my followers want me to write about,” Dr Anusha adds.

When quizzed about the initial challenges, Dr Anusha says “Initially I was writing about things that I felt needed to be spoken about like breast feeding, post partum depression and parenting but somehow the pressure to entertain followers took over and I felt lost. I started following trends and posting things and collaborating with brands I did not even connect with and that hit me hard with my followers decreasing. Now that I have realised it, I managed to bounce back and not get unnecessarily pressurised and stay true to what I believe and want to write about.”

“As I said earlier, motherhood brought a major change in me and I felt the need to be heard and connect with people in similar situations. Somehow every strata of the society has set rules for a mother. I believe each mother is a woman first. She has the right to dance, dress the way she wants, have fun with her friends and still be the best for her child. My blog is all about that,” Dr Anusha opined.

When asked about how difficult is it to create and upload content keeping up with the profession, Dr Anusha says “Being a dentist and working full time and taking care of my daughter and blogging is sometimes too much to handle. So I keep it easy. I do write whenever time permits. So considering no pressure about posting often, it is manageable.”

Sharing some light moments while creating content with her daughter, Dr Anusha says “Every time we decide to shoot for a video which has been rehearsed before, she decides not to perform. so we shoot while rehearsing itself.  And whenever she’s not needed in the frame, there she goes with her cute expressions. So editing her off is difficult.”

When quizzed about how she deals with unwanted attention/comments on social media, Dr Anusha was quick to say “Yes sometimes there are miscreants. But it’s always wise to ignore and move on.” 

Dr Anusha has a message for other girls who wish to start blogging “Do it if u like it and do it with all your heart and don’t get unnecessarily pressurised by competitors. Each one’s journey is different and unique. Make yours the best for you. Follow that blogger who makes you smile and motivates you to live a happy life, not someone who overwhelms you with an exuberant lifestyle that makes you feel less about your life.”

“I’m just a person who loves a little drama in her life. I have a daughter who adds to that drama. We lead a simple yet fun life and that’s what I often write about. So if you are looking for some cute and mischievous things, parenting thoughts, happy pictures and some raw and real stuff, you can follow this stylish mom who by the way is a big time saree lover too,” Dr Anusha concludes.

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