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Firefox Firestorm 2021 cycling challenge goes virtual; draws more than 2500 participants

Premium bicycle brand Firefox bikes draw more than 2500 participants for the 6th edition of FIREFOX Firestorm 2021 – the first ever virtual edition. Spanning over a period of 6 weeks (1st Jan – 12th Feb), Firefox Firestorm is a mecca for budding cycling enthusiasts. Every week challenges zealous bikers in different ways to test their skills, endurance, mental strength, and will-power.

Firefox Firestorm 2021, which kicked off on 1st January 2021 is the first event of its kind within the industry. Enabling riders of all skill levels to hit the trail, the virtual edition adds a thrill to the activity in a way that is more attuned to the new normal. The challenge is intended for individuals to feel part of a strong growing cycling culture- all striving to stay fit and progress to a healthier regime.  The virtual edition of Firefox Firestorm encourages riders to stay active and enjoy time on their bike while practicing social distancing.

Speaking on the phenomenal response, Sukanta Das, CEO, Firefox Bikes said, ‘In the modern world, fitness and health are the leading New Year Resolutions. It is heartening to see such a big wave of riders embracing Firefox Firestorm 2021 to pedal their way to a healthier lifestyle as a new year commences. Cycling is a great way to stay fit and has clearly become an integral part of our lifestyle. More people are riding bikes today than ever before, and this culture is only set to flourish.’

‘From roadies to mountain bikers, seasoned riders to family groups, cyclists from across the country have joined the Firestorm 2021 wagon to celebrate the cycle and the joy of riding. We at Firefox are passionate about getting people out and active, with our challenge spanning over 45 days’ he added

As pioneers of the premium biking segment in India, Firefox Bikes continues to fuel the passion of Firestormers to discover their skill to thrill with Firefox Firestorm 2021 virtual edition. Upon successful completion of the three stages, the rider gets a Firefox Jersey, digital certificate and a Firestorm medal.  The mega winners will get a chance to win Firefox Tsurugi worth INR 1.1 lakh.

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