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COVID-19 vaccine for all above age of 18 years from May 1; States can buy vaccines directly from manufacturers

covid vaccine for adults

The Central Government announced Monday that anyone over 18 years of age would be entitled to receive COVID-19 vaccines from May 1st onwards. The centre has ‘liberalised’ the vaccine efforts to encourage the producers to take doses directly from governments, private hospitals, and commercial institutions.

The manufacturers of vaccines will provide 50 per cent of their monthly doses to the central government under Phase 3 of the vaccination campaign beginning next month, and they will be able to provide state and open market the remaining 50% of the doses to the central drug labs. Manufacturers should make a preliminary announcement of the 50% supply price, which the state and the public before 1 May 2021 will be eligible, according to the official statement.

The supplies of Covid-19 vaccines should be purchased solely by private hospitals through the supply of 50% of supplies rather than those provided for on the India channel. Providers of private vaccines must announce their self-set prices transparently. All adults, i.e., someone above the age of 18, will be qualified via this channel.

As before, vaccination can begin in the Indian Govt’s Vaccination Centres. The health care workers (HCWs), Front Line Workers (FLW’s), and all others over 45 years are given free of charge by the qualified population. Each of the vaccines by the Indian Govt or other than the Indian Govt must be included in the National Vaccination Program and required to adhere to any guideline such as the capture on the Cowin platform, AEFI reports and other recommended standards. In all vaccine centres, stocks and prices per vaccination must be reported in real-time.

The division of vaccine provision will apply equally to all the vaccines produced in India, to the Government of India, 50% and to the Indian channel, other than the Govt. The Government of India would, however, encourage the imports to use vaccines completely prepared for use in the Indian channel other than Govt. Based on the parameters of the infection scale and results, the Govt of India will distribute vaccines to the States/UTs.

“Vaccine wastage will also be considered in this test which will adversely impact the criterion. The quota in-state must be agreed upon and conveyed properly in advance to the States based on the requirements above, ” the central government said.

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