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Angre Port leases part of its industrial land to Arjun Refineries

Angré Port Private Limited, the most sheltered all-weather port in the Konkan region, has leased five acres of its industrial backup land, to Arjun Refineries for setting up an edible oil refining-cum-packaging facility. The strategic leasing model will save land and reduce startup costs. Having a port based refinery significantly cut logistics costs for Arjun Refineries, avoiding the first leg of transport from the port to a hinterland refinery completely, and also gives the company access to new markets in Maharashtra, North Karnataka, and Goa.

The lease is for a period of 30 years. Under the terms of the lease, Arjun Indo Agro Oils Ltd, the edible-oil-making subsidiary of Arjun Refineries, will use the land to establish a refinery and packaging unit. Arjun Indo Agro Oils will commence operations within the next two months, with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year in Phase One, ramping up to 100,000 tons in Phase Two. Angré Port will support Arjun Indo Agro Oils in the import of raw materials, and the clearance and storage of cargo through a tank terminal which will have dedicated pipelines to the refinery.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Eshaan Lazarus, Executive Director, Angré Port Private Limited, said, “Angré Port welcomes Arjun Refineries to set up the first port-based oil refinery in the Konkan region. This is a win-win model for both parties, as it generates revenue and cargo for the port, while providing logistics support and cost control for Arjun Refineries. Angré Port offers a distinct advantage to local industries looking to set up a new facility with a medium-to-large logistics requirement for raw materials and products. We are currently in conversations with other industries too, who are keen to leverage our infrastructure and cargo transportation capabilities and will surely see some developments on this front in the near future. This is in line with our vision to promote the economic development of the Konkan region”

Mr. Santosh Vasant Shinde, Founder of Arjun Indo Agro Oils Ltd and Arjun Refineries, said, “We are very pleased to have secured the lease with Angré Port. The private industrial land which is part of port’s back up land , combined with the modern cargo handling facilities they offer, will enable efficient and time-and-cost-saving operations for us, all the way from manufacturing to packaging and  shipping. Being a fast growing company, we like to move quickly to capture opportunities, and Angre Port’s team was dynamic and flexible enough to match our speed. We are looking to secure more land in the near future as a part of our plan to double the manufacturing capacity.”

Angré Port, in Jaigad Ratnagiri, owns 300 acres of industrial land as port’s private backup land. It offers this land on competitive lease models to strategic businesses such as mega warehouses, port-based industries, logistics, tank terminals, and business parks. Angré Port invites potential investors and industries to consider this opportunity.

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