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All you need to know about KFIL

KFIL (Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited) is an initiation of Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) and Shivaji Works Limited (SWL). Incorporated in 1991, the flagship company of the Kirloskar Group was formed with an objective of manufacturing high quality Pig Iron and thin walled quality grey iron castings to cater to the growing demand in industry sectors such as Tractors, Automotives and Diesel Engines.

The manufacturing facility at Koppal is strategically located at Bevinahalli village for casting and pig iron business – a location which has proximity to iron ore deposits of the Hospet-Sandur-Bellary belt, with casting manufacturing having a backward integration to Blast Furnace. Similarly the Solapur plant has casting manufacturing facility with forward integration to semi-finish machining facility.

Both Koppal and Solapur plants have highly productive equipment and skilled manpower along with tactical supply-chain-logistics. In nut shell, KFIL has unique capability of producing a range of products that includes Grey Iron castings upto 300 kg single piece weight, S.G. Iron castings upto 120 Kg single piece weight and in Pig Iron grade includes Foundry Grade, S.G. Iron Grade & Basic Grade.

The commercial production of Pig Iron commenced from Mini Blast Furnace I in 1994. In due course, the commercial production of Grey Iron Castings commenced in 1995 along with Mini Blast Furnace II. For effective utilization of waste gas from MBF, two Power plants of 3.5 MW each were commissioned in 1994 and in 1997 respectively. In the year 2007, KFIL acquired Solapur foundry from Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited.

To improve productivity and cost efficiency in Pig Iron business KFIL has commissioned Hot Blast Stoves for Mini Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, 4.5 MW additional Power Plant; high speed pig cast machines over a period.

In casting business at the Koppal plant, KFIL has set up one more new foundry and commissioned in the year 2014 with High Pressure Mould Line, Robotic Core Centre and advanced processing capabilities and In-house casting fettling and finishing shop with advanced and high productive equipments to meet the growing global demand for castings.

Some of the products of KFIL are:

Pig Irons

KFIL supplies Pig iron to foundries who cater to the Auto, Engines & Compressors, Textile, Pumps, Pipes & Fittings & Fans etc. Through the years KFIL has developed a customer network throughout India except Eastern Region, through agent, dealer and branch network.


KFIL – Foundry is equipped to produce Grey Iron & S.G Iron Castings for a variety of applications such as Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder heads & different types of housings required by Automobile, Tractor, & Diesel engine Industries.

Cylinder Blocks

We have design capabilities and matured knowledge on development of water jacketed blocks with high technological machines for core production. Ability to produce cylinder block castings used in EURO-III to EURO-VI engine applications

Cylinder Head

We are having highest level of expertise in developing and manufacturing critical thin wall cylinder heads. Ability to produce intricate cylinder head castings used in EURO-III to EURO-VI engine applications

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