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All you need to know about JAPFA India


JAPFA is one of the largest and most integrated agri-food companies in the country. Its core business activities include animal feed manufacturing, chicken breeding, poultry processing and aquaculture farming.

The company’s outstanding competitive advantages are vertical integration and economies of scale. By linking its upstream and downstream operations, it is able to guarantee superior quality outputs at every level – from feed to value-added food products.

Integration brings the benefits of protection against price volatility, a high degree of biosecurity and enhanced customer-driven practices. Its economies of scale have made Japfa one of the lowest cost food producers in India.

Japfa already commands a significant share of the domestic poultry market and has successfully achieved strong market positions in many of its business lines. Leveraging on its solid foundation as an agri-based company, Japfa is looking to make new inroads into value added and consumer branded foods with a view to establishing Japfa as a leading integrated food company.


Product / Services Offered


The company is recognized Total Poultry Solution Provider in India . Since 1975, generations of B2B customer partners have relied on the scale, infrastructure and distribution network to succeed in poultry production. The company have a channel of R&D and production technology into quality products for feed nutrition, breeding, animal health, commercial live bird production and poultry meat processing. The quality of the products is matched by the quality of the value-added services. The company have dedicated teams of technical specialists to provide customer solutions and on-site product support throughout the country


Japfa’s Aquaculture Division is managed by a wholly-owned subsidiary, PT Suri Tani Pemuka which is dominant niche player in the local shrimp industry. Suri Tani has a particular strength in the export of value-added shrimp products and is involved in shrimp breeding and farming, as well as the production of shrimp and fish feed.


Beef cattle

The Beef Division operates in the three principal production stages of beef cattle breeding, beef cattle fattening and meat processing. The Division’s three feedlots are ideally located in agricultural belts in Lampung and East Java where quality feed ingredients are abundant. These feed lots turn off approximately 150,000 head of cattle every year. The Lampung Bekri feedlot is recognized as the 1st UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change) approved methane abatement project for cattle manure. As a result, the cows leave only a small carbon footprint

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