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All About AutoCAD Training in Pune

autocad training in pune

Become a professional at AutoCAD

You need to have a good knowledge and understanding of how to use AutoCAD to work as an AutoCAD professional in Pune. Depending on the career you choose to have when working for AutoCAD, you will either require an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree.

Reasons for the introduction of CAD

  • To increase the productivity of the engineer.
  • Improving the quality of the design.
  • To develop a table/database for production.
  • Improve coordination and interpretation by documentation.

Issues before the introduction of AutoCAD

Until the launch of this Software, both engineers and designers used drafters and sheets to sketch or design a product. It took a lot of time for the designer to design the product. If the manufactured product did not suit the consumer’s needs or if the maker had a flaw in the product, the specification of the product, which was a time-consuming process, would be changed.

In the case of mistakes, one needs to change the drawing by modifying or deleting the incorrect to correct the final drawing. This leads to the following problems:

  • Delay in output and production prices.
  • Increase in scrap levels and material waste.

AutoCAD is the solver for this to minimize the problems described. In this Software, we can save the design of the product & its modifications; we can change the previous design that reduces the time needed to design the product & human effort with great precision.

Drafting in AutoCAD

The technical drawing is the act of drawings that visually interpret how something works or is constructed. A draughtsman is a professional who creates a drawing to express its technical features. Also, a skilled draughtsman who creates technical drawings is considered a drafting technician.


Professional AutoCAD design and detailing are an ultimate and essential role in the design cycle for developing complicated parts and devices in Pune. A draughtsman fills the gap between engineers and manufacturers and contributes practical experience by detailing the drawing and technical expertise to the design process.

There are many institutes out there in Pune to offer you specialized training from experts in AutoCAD. Pick the right one according to your convenience.

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