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AEFI Pune Reports: 87% of Chosen Recipients Vaccinated on Friday

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has a few days back finalized 16 vaccination centers in government and private hospitals in the city to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine.

Initiation of Vaccination

The district has seen a rising, encouraging response to vaccination against Covid-19, as 87 percent of the targeted recipients were vaccinated on Friday-88 percent in Pune City, 99 percent from PCMC, and 83 percent from Pune Rural.

The novel Coronavirus uses spike (S) protein to join and replicate the cells of the body. The vaccine is a non-replicating viral vector that mainly develops the body’s immunity to spike protein. Antibodies that restrict the lethal virus from entering the body are also predicted to evolve.

With the aid of a harmless virus, the vaccine provides the pathogen’s genetic material to the cells that give an immune response. No adverse events (AEFIs) were registered on Friday at any of the 46 vaccination sites. More health staff are being vaccinated in the district, with more places opening up for vaccination against Covid-19.


On Friday, a total of 4,108 recipients were vaccinated against a target of 4,700. Of these, 1,232 were vaccinated in the city of Pune, with a target number of 1,400, at 14 locations. This has raised the number to 88%.

In PCMC, 889 were vaccinated, of a target number of 900, which raised the percentage to 99 percent. And in Pune rural, 1,987 were vaccinated with a target number of 2,400 recipients, up to an average of 83 percent.

In the Pune circle, the Satara district announced that about 110% of the targeted recipients had been vaccinated, which is 1,759 recipients of the 1,600 targeted recipients.

In Solapur, 75 percent of targeted recipients received 1,490 vaccines. One AEFI was registered from a hospital in Solapur. With fewer AEFI accidents reported and technological glitches sorted in the Cowin app, and walk-in vaccines allowed for registration, more health care staff, are being vaccinated.

The first process involves the vaccination of HCW and frontline staff on the national vaccination campaign Covid19.

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