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4 Offbeat Destinations Near Pune

A grand milieu of cultures, soaring skyscrapers, and yesteryear’s Maratha bastion — Pune is one of the most crowded educational hubs of India. Drenched in the waters of Mutha river and monsoon rains, this happening city represents the youngest of Indian population. The one which dares and does not look behind easily on the paths well-traveled. So, if you are young at heart while in Pune, go offbeat right now. Scroll down this list and find the best offbeat destinations near Pune for this upcoming weekend.

4 Offbeat Destinations Near Pune

Here is the list of most famous offbeat places in and around Pune that you ought to visit on your vacation, Keep scrolling down and read along to know more!

1. Lenyadri

Temple and trekking amidst the most scenic views at the horizon – Lenyadri is that little package which comes with everything for almost everyone. Small lakes and a famous Ashtavinayaka Temple make it that complete holiday experience which can be enjoyed by friends and family alike.

2. Satara

Serene landscapes and picturesque greenery, a 1000 hectare Kaas plateau overlooked by a 16th century Ajinkyatara Fort from the height of 3300m – do you need more inspirations for framing this in your lens? Satara has got a temple called Pateshwar with 8 caves and 1000 shivlings amidst hundreds of stone carved shiva and other deities.

3. Panshet

A dam to offer a perfect viewpoint for the astonishing scenery around and a lake to let you kayak, ski and surf- Panshet is one place that you could be with your friends on any weekend. And of-course, all this with almost no crowd around.

4. Lonar Lake

Now a lake, this water body in Lonar is an impact crater formed due to some meteorite or comet impact. The lake hosts a rich flora and fauna around and inside. There are two heritage temples that were built in 6th and 12th centuries.

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