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Studying market, upgrading products, understanding customer demands is crucial for successful market entry: Indraneel Chitale


Pune: The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) has once again demonstrated its commitment to empowering the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry with its successful event, ‘Powering up your brand with Indraneel Chitale.’

The event was held on Tuesday, 20th June 2023 at One Lounge Restaurant and Bar in Pune. The event attracted an esteemed gathering of F&B brand owners, industry decision-makers, and stakeholders from over 20 cities. This evening provided a platform for attendees to participate in thought-provoking discussions to gain valuable insights, and to network with like-minded professionals, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and growth.

The moderated session with Mr. Indraneel Chitale, a prestigious fourth-generation partner in the renowned Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale chain, was the event’s highlight. Mr. Chitale shared significant insight and insider secrets to help attendees realize the full potential of their businesses by drawing on his broad experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

While addressing the audience, Mr. Indraneel Chitale, said “ Expansion of the food business cannot be done in uniformity. One cannot have the same approach or dynamics while doing expansion of a brand over different demographic and geographies. It is essential to study the market and upgrade your product or brand according to the market before launching it in a new market.  A lot of street food products that are very famous among people cannot be compared with frozen versions of the same product. As the USP of any street food is its price, while we can launch a frozen product of better quality, competing with price becomes difficult.”

Further, he added, “In a family business, many challenges arise, such as communication, clarity of responsibilities, and other aspects. To overcome these challenges, we have ensured clarity of roles and responsibilities for every family member in the business and we have been maintaining the proper discipline to uphold decorum. It is crucial to maintain the ethos of the business to preserve the brand value. This involves setting the right targets and stretching them as per the understanding of the business goals and company’s capabilities.”

Additionally, “hiring the right people and ensuring they put in their best effort is essential. In the 90s, we achieved a major milestone in the food business by automating the production of bakarwadi using machinery. In the 20s, we are working towards, and have achieved so far, the use of cloud computing to manage customer profiles, improving their health and productivity. In the future, nanotechnology will play a crucial role in understanding the nutritional demands of customers and providing products accordingly. While technology has made business more fluent and effective, the role of humans and their contribution remains equally important. Human intelligence is irreplaceable in understanding certain situations and making intelligent decisions.”

The NRAI extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, sponsors, and partners whose invaluable contributions played a significant role in making the ‘Powering up your brand with Indraneel Chitale’ event a resounding success. Their support and active participation underscore the vibrant spirit of collaboration within the F&B industry. The association is committed to organizing more such impactful events in the future, as it continues to empower professionals, foster growth, and drive the development of the food and beverage industry.

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