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Shaniwarwada ,Pune :An Experience


The seat of the Maratha empire from 1730 to 1818, the Shaniwar Wada is a very important place in Indian history. Built by the Peshwas (Prime Ministers) of the Maratha King (Chhatrapati), this palace fort has nearly been destroyed completely by a combination of military attacks and fires through the centuries.

Shaniwar Wada History

The magnificent fortification which was planned to be entirely built in stone was objected by the people on the grounds that only kings had the authority to build stone palaces. Thus, six out of seven floors were built with bricks and only the ground floor comprised stones.

The six floors were destroyed by the British empire about ninety years later and the enchanting palace had only the base floor remaining to reminisce of the memorable past. On 27 February 1828, it went up in flames which crumbled the entire palace leaving behind granite ramparts and the ruins of the building along with a few sturdy teak gateways.

How To Reach Shaniwar Wada

The seven-storeyed fortress is located centrally in the very heart of Pune. You can commute via local transport such as autos, taxis and buses. The Pune Darshan buses shall also merrily tell you to hop along towards Shaniwar Wada.