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All you need to know about Fashion Street

If you ever visit Pune then Fashion Street is one of the places you should consider or put in your bucket list. The fashion street in Pune is one of the most visited and crowded shopping places or markets where you will get every type of cloth and fashion related accessories. This place is situated in Bhavani Peth, Shobhapur, Kasba Peth Pune. This place is not far from the Pune railway station and will take hardly 15-20 mins to reach there. This place has numerous shops to buy from and will give you all the items at a very reasonable yet less price.

The place itself is a mystery and feels like a maze when you are in. The shops are quite small in size but filled with every type of dress you need. The other reason for concern is due to heavy crowds the place sometimes becomes congested and causes suffocation, other than that the place is always great for a shopping adventure. The eye-catching dresses and all other fashion accessories will attract you and you will probably give a thought about whether to buy or leave it. The place is good for all-purpose shopping for all age groups and especially for males. Although the place has a good variety for ladies but due to lack of trial rooms, it becomes a little bit difficult for ladies to buy the garments without giving it a try.

The place remains open every day from 10 am to 7 pm. The quality of garments and other stuff is quite decent as no branded garments are being sold by any of the shops. The first copies of many renowned brands are available here at a very reasonable rate. There are many other shops like Kurtis, jeans, watches, jewelry, footwear, tops, nightwear, electronics, toys, cosmetics, bags, sunglasses you name it and you will manage to find a vendor here. The prices are not fixed, you have all the rights to bargain and make the lowest of the lowest bid and get your thing. The more you bargain and convince the seller, the more you will get a discounted price. The goods once sold are not replaceable and no guarantee for the same is given. But one thing that is for sure is you will definitely enjoy the shopping and will buy something no matter whom.