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Study reveals: Coronavirus can spread up to 20 feet away in the air, speed more than 100 m/s

New researches revealed that this novel coronavirus can up to 20 feet with droplets from coughing, sneezing or breathing. According to the researches, this coronavirus can spread up to in a favorable condition. The starting speed can range from a few meters per second to 100m/s. This is due to transmission in close contact and aerosol exposure from far away.

The researchers also cautioned that there is no possibility of the pandemic to come on hold soon in the Northern Hemisphere even in summer, as there is a great scope of aerosol transmission in this world. Respiratory droplets evaporate easily in hot and dry climates to form aerosol particles that can spread infection far and wide. These particles can infect the lungs of a person coming in contact with them.

Wearing a mask can reduce the risk but social distancing is a must. Social distancing is necessary to prevent the infection of heavy droplets. Scientists say that the heavy droplet can sit around due to gravity, but the light droplets evaporate to form aerosol particles that can remain in the air for hours with the virus.

Therefore, Coronavirus is life-threatening: Scientists wrote in the study, CDC has recommended to maintain and have 6 feet distance with anybody to avoid getting infected. But according to our model, this distance is not sufficient in certain circumstances. Droplets can go up to 6 m or 19.7 feet away in cold and humid weather.