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Pandemic 2020

House arrest for almost 3 months now! It seems to have a great impact on our minds and body. At the early stage of lockdown, it was all about how well we could stay away from each other but now it will be all about how well do we connect after this lockdown meet. These days aren’t for vacation it’s directly or indirectly to spend most of the time with your family and most importantly with yourself. Make the most out of it. Do stuff you wanted to but couldn’t because of timings. For now, you have all-time in the world. Jump into your bed. Read books. Cook. Research. Talk(txt and calls). Learn(virtually), watch Netflix, break down, and build yourself better and stronger.

This Covid19 is a blessing in disguise if we can it in that manner. It’s “me” “you” “us” time. Because it’s the 21st century and maybe we have forgotten to socialize with things around but here is our chance to turn this panic into an opportunity to reconnect and do the bonding. Feels like the old summer vacation. Stay safe and stay informed. Amid this pandemic, we all have learned a lot of things- How to be productive, calm, and other things but what is the most thing we have learned is self-dependency. This pandemic has made us realize that we don’t need people for any of our to get completed though we understood the value of people in our life as well.
The cost of living is less but the cost of the lifestyle is expensive. We all have learned to survive in a minimalistic amount of resources without wasting much. People have started to put more attention on themselves like working out, doing the cleaning, cooking, and meditating. We all have started to keep the monthly expenses as low as possible as there is no source of income as such. This pandemic changed a lot in us! It made us stronger, tougher, and better. We have all-time in the earth, we have it to ourselves- what we need to is- make the most most most out of it.

Surely, it is not a productive competition, some people will feel suffocated being at home but we all need to understand that to live at this moment we need to stay at home. There will be the time we will feel like crying, shattering down because of course we all are not used to this sitting down at home but this is it, this is the need of an hour.