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Lexicon Group of Institutes, Pune

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The Lexicon Group of Institutes is an education hub in Pune, Maharashtra. It was founded in the year 2006 by Shri S.D. Sharma. A lexicon is a group of premier educational institutions that aim to redefine education at the pre-school, high school, and college level. The lexicon schools have been widely recognised as one of the top schools in the city of Pune providing not just excellent education, but life and management skills as well. Many have recognised them as the leaders of innovative curriculum development in India. After over 15 years of hard work, the lexicon group of institutes has now become synonymous with value education, high-quality services, excellence, intelligence and hard work. At the Lexicon Group of Institutes, the focus is on student-centric teaching and learning and the ultimate goal is to achieve holistic development of the student.

The Vision

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An institution that started with only 19 students in a single building, is now home to around 15,000 students, spread across 3 lakh sq. feet of infrastructure and facilities. They aim to inculcate critical thinking approaches in the student and better their problem-solving skills. True to its vision, the teachers and professors at the Lexicon Institutes encourage enthusiasm, curiosity and inquiry and the entire system functions on four pillars- values, trust, interest and capabilities and belief in building better citizens that would have a respectable place in the society.

Innovative Curriculum


The curriculum at the lexicon group of institutes it is mind keeping in mind digital advancements and content relevance. The curriculum aims and transforming students into more confident, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers. Each student is taught with a very practical perspective in mind that enables experiential learning. A balanced pedagogy of theoretical learning and practical hands-on experience gives a unique insight to the students and makes their take on real-life situations, different from someone who hasn’t been exposed to such systematic learning procedures.

Group of Institutes

The Lexicon Group of Institutes has multiple schools and even a post-graduate management institute under it. The Lexicon Schools are located in three places in the city of Pune – Wagholi, Hadapsar and Kalyani Nagar and are all CBSE affiliated high schools that utilise innovative teaching methods in order to deliver quality education to its students. This Group of Institutes also has pre-school by the name of Lexicon Kids that provides a safe space for a child’s early stages of growth and development and offers a vibrant environment for learning. The Lexicon Group of Institutes also runs the Lexicon Rainbow School that functions especially for children with special needs, providing them with an unparalleled blend of academics and therapy. Lastly, there’s also a Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, that is one of India’s top post-graduate management institutes. It offers several management courses and even a global MBA program.

Staying true to its vision and purpose, the Lexicon Group of Institutes is all set to develop your children into respected members of the society and build a bright future for them.


Address: S no 212/1, Central Avenue 59, next to Big Bazaar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Website: http://lexiconedu.in/

E-mail: info@lexiconedu.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelexicongroupofinstitutespune/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexiconinstitutes/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lexiconinstitutes/?originalSubdomain=in