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Pune returns to Unlock mode

Police check for passes in front of Aditya Birla Hospital in Thergaon during the lockdown. Pic: Sanjay Jadhav

The 10-day lockdown which was imposed in Pune ended on Thursday night as the city will not go in Unlock mode with the administration insisting that some curbs will be here to stay.

The establishments likely to be open include non-essential shops, food delivery, private office with limited staff, banks, construction, meat vendors, fruits/vegetable vendors and online delivery.

Meanwhile, malls, gyms, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, schools, colleges and public transport will likely remain shut till fresh orders are issued.

Concerning Corona cases, Pune witnessed 2368 positive cases and 58 deaths in the last 24 hours. The death toll in Pune stands at 1562.

Meanwhile Thursday witnessed 9895 cases being recorded in Maharashtra with the total cases being 3,47,502.

With food delivery business set to resume, those staying in hostels and relying on mess/hotel food will be a releived lot.

Aunp Arve, a student from Amravati who has been staying in Thergaon said “Many people like me had to face issued when it came to food during the entire phase of lockdown. Thankfully now the problem will be over. I would like to request the authorities to keep food delivery open in future if there are more lockdowns planned.”

 Sandip Sutar, who owns a cafe highlighted “This phase is a bad one for many in my field. There has not been a steady income for months  now. Inspite of this, we have to pay the rent without any discount. Hope things change for all of us.”