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All You Need To Know About FAASTWASH Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

We know, nowadays we are facing a very critical situation in India and the rest of the world due to a pandemic i.e. Coronavirus (COIVD-19). Many countries have implemented lockdown in their respective countries in order to prevent this pandemic at all the levels. In India too, the central and the state government are working hard to fight against this virus. The government has also imposed lockdown in the country. Currently, we are going through the 5th lockdown and various efforts are being made to bring the life of every individual in the comfort zone. However, these lockdowns have badly affected the economy and every individual is suffering due to this.

To fight against this deadly virus, it becomes important that we must follow some strict guidelines that are suggested by the Home Ministry, Government of India. We should just stay inside our homes and only go out in case of any emergencies. The most common methods to prevent spreading of coronavirus can be done by maintaining social distancing and proper use of sanitizers and soap (3S). People all over the world are self-guarding themselves by using this 3S strategy. It is the duty of all individuals to STAY SAFE and STAY ALERT while performing our day-to-day activities.

In order to fight against this pandemic, FAASTWASH has developed “Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser”

The main role of this contactless sanitizer dispenser is to reduce human contact as much as possible. It is truly a clean, efficient and hygienic gadget. It is a wonderful product with a lot of operational easiness. It just requires 10 sec of an individual’s life.

How does it work?

The working of this sanitizer dispenser is very simple. One just needs to bring his or her hand below the dispenser, the SENSOR inside the unit activates the automatic sprayer and one can very easily clean and sanitize your hands as well as all that is needed to be sanitized. It can sanitize everything in just 10 seconds and makes everything under control.

One can also watch the below video for detailed information and working of Sanitizer Dispenser.

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These sanitizer dispensers can be installed in Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Gymnasium, Health Clubs, Bungalows, Society Gates, Malls, Banks, Financial & Commercial institutions, Govt Offices, Village Panchayat Offices as well in private offices. One can use this product to stop and prevent its pandemic effects.


The Price of the UNIT is 7,499.00 (MRP) Ex Pune Transportation & Sanitizer not covered under the cost.

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